Renowned as the prince of darkness, Darkos is the son of Maltazard, and the commander in chief of his horde of Seides.

While commander in chief, Darkos is also a master slaver of the Seven Kingdoms. Throughout his conquests, he captured many Minimoys into servitude of his father and transported them back to Necropolis, where some were made to serve and tend to the Evil M's palace. One unfortunate slave was Mino, who was forced to direct light rays throughout the forbidden city.

He makes his first appearance in the first movie as an antagonist, but becomes a protagonist in the War of Two Worlds, where he saved Arthur's life not only once, but twice.

According to the movie, he has a crush on Arthur's mother Rose.

Prince Darkos

Voiced by:

Marc Lavoine


One part of movie.


Maltazard (Father)