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Princess Selenia is the daughter of the king of the first kingdom. The Evil M will stop at nothing to make her his queen by any means necessary.

Love RelationEdit

Selenia has a strong affection for Arthur, they first met when Arthur entered the first kingdom. Selenia acted ignorant and called him "ordinary" when she first saw him, but after a few moments they looked into each others eyes and fell in love.


It is shown that Selenia is highly devoted to her kingdom. As she said: "I will defend this kingdom till my last breath." Selenia doesn't like it when someone tells her no, and will even threaten those that defy her. Although she can act vicious, she is really loving and caring to her friends; especially Arthur. Inexplicably, Selenia always exposes her tummy.

Random FactsEdit

She turned 1,000 years old in the 1st movie.